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Relaxation Therapy


Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates has been at the forefront of aromatherapy for over 30 years. From the beginning they have passionately believed in natural plant extracts and essential oils as highly effective in enhancing the state of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We maintain the highest standards of quality to bring you an aromatherapy experience that is as effective as it is luxurious. 





Discover the skin enhancing properties of essential oils with your very own Aromatherapy Associates facial, unique to your skin type. A personalised prescription uses a range of therapeutic essential oil based products and facial pressure point massage to boost your complexion, revive your skin texture and add a lasting glow to your appearance.

60 min - $103 



This luxurious facial harnesses the regenerative properties of rose to nourish, soften and hydrate all skin types. This treatment helps to boost your circulation and promote cell renewal and regeneration, leaving your skin radiant, dewy and delicately scented. A back massage, calming frankincense inhalation and a scalp massage helps you let go of the day’s stresses and prepares you for your facial. Your skin is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, toned followed by a traditional pressure point massage combined with lymphatic drainage. While a hydrating facial mask goes to work, your arms and hands are massaged.

90 min - $147 



A purifying treatment for oily and combination skin. Powerful essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang and tea tree are at the heart of this facial. With natural antibacterial properties, they penetrate deep into the skin, helping to regulate sebum production. Cleanse, exfoliation, steaming, extraction and a hot towel compress to refine the pores. A facial massage follows using drainage techniques to improve circulation and help eliminate toxins. A freshwater mud mask is then applied to draw out impurities.

40 min - $78                     





Richly scented essential oils - rosemary, geranium, ylang ylang and patchouli combined with coconut oil are massaged into the hair, releasing tension, conditioning the scalp and leaving hair super-shiny, glossy and nourished. Enjoy a deep state of relaxation as we work on the muscles and pressure points of the head through Ayurvedic head massage.

15 min - $35 



Refresh and brighten your eyes with this revitalizing treatment, the perfect addition to any facial. The delicate eye area is the first place to show tiredness and ageing. This treatment uses specialised massage techniques to improve micro-circulation and drainage, helping reduce puffiness. Gentle shoulder release techniques and a scalp massage to free the circulation and improve blood supply to the eyes.

15 min - $35





This signature massage releases tension held in every part of the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and re-charged. This balancing massage starts with a consultation to find out your needs, with your chosen oil the therapist uses carefully applied pressures to stimulate the nervous system.  Swedish & neuromuscular techniques to relieve muscular tension and lymphatic drainage help encourage a healthy circulation. Stresses and strains are dissolved away. 

60 min $103 or 75 min - $133 



Rest at leisure as your body is soothed and your skin is pampered with the nourishing properties of Rose Oil. This full body massage is designed to answer the developing needs of mother and baby and to give you the nurturing treatment you both deserve. The massage helps to ease aches and pains and that heavy feeling with attention paid to back, neck, shoulders and lower legs. Includes relaxing and rejuvenating full scalp and facial massage.

60 min - $103 


INTENSIVE MUSCLE RELEASE                                                   

This deeply restorative massage is specifically designed for tight, stressed and aching muscles, to instantly release pain and tension. Whether it is a heavy exercise schedule or too many hours spent sitting at your desk. When you push yourself to your limit, your body can easily become stiff, tight and painful. Black pepper, rosemary and ginger warm the muscles and help disperse the build up of lactic acid that causes stiffness and pain.

30 min - $65        

60 min - $103                      

75 min - $133 




SLEEP DEEPLY                                                                                

A powerful body and mind switch-off to induce a serious state of relaxation for a comforting, peaceful night’s sleep. Working on all aspects of physical, mental and emotional stress, the treatment begins with a warming foot ritual followed by a deeply sedating head to toe massage using carefully applied pressures and neuromuscular and Swedish techniques to balance the nervous system and ease an overactive mind. Blend of Vertivert, Camomile and Sandalwood.

2hrs - $195 

2.5hrs - $243 (including Hydrotherapy Spa Capsule) 


CLEAR YOUR MIND                                             

Calm a stressed and confused head with a refreshing yet soothing experience for body, mind and soul to calm and cleanse your thoughts. A camomile and olive grain scrub refreshes legs and feet before you are treated to a spiritually uplifting inhalation of frankincense and a traditional aromatherapy massage to target symptoms of stress. An Ayurvedic scalp, facial massage and mask works on your complete wellbeing to relieve anxiety and emotional exhaustion. Blend of Camomile, Petitgrain and Rosemary.

2hrs - $195  

2.5hrs - $243 (including Hydrotherapy Spa Capsule)



For times when you need a little emotional pampering, this indulgent treatment begins with an exfoliation to legs and feet, an application of wheatgerm oil to cuticles and dry skin. Followed by a pressure point massage with uplifting oils, a warm freshwater mud mask and a conditioning hair oil scalp massage. Blend of Geranium, Frankincense and Rose.

2hrs - $195

2.5hrs - $243 (including Hydrotherapy Spa Capsule)   





Hydrotherapy SpaThe capsule offers the very latest in treatment technology, including multiple heat sources – steam, infrared and cermic dry heat; a variety of water massage systems and vibration massage; Led Colour Therapy, vitamin, mineral and aromatherapy delivery systems. This treatment will take you to another world of luxury, and is great before any massage, body or facial treatment.

30 min - $70                         

Add onto any Treatment 30 min - $50 



Bring back your radiance with this comforting, restorative treatment. Precious damask rose works on capillary circulation renewing the skin whilst the aroma has an expansive quality that soothes. It begins with exfoliation, nourishing oils to cuticles and heels and then the body is layered in a hydrating rose gel, a mix of oil and cream with Evening Primrose oil and Shea butter with enhanced penetration in the hydro therapy spa capsule and scalp massage.

60 min - $110  


SKIN POLISH                                                                       

A relaxing all over exfoliation, rinse off in the hydrotherapy spa capsule to leave the skin looking radiant and feeling wonderfully smooth.      

1 hr - $106




THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE                                   

  • Pure Aromatherapy Facial

  • The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience

  • Spa Manicure/Spa Pedicure  

Allow 4hrs 15mins - $375    


ROSE NUTURING PACKAGE                              

  • The Ultimate Rose Facial (including Back massage)

  • Spa Manicure 45mins

  • Spa Pedicure 45mins 

Allow 3hrs 15mins - $285  


 (Please note Exhale Spa's payment and cancellation policies)